Minnesota Jets – June 14-15 2024

A non-compete open fun fly event
  • AMA Membership required
  • AMA Turbine waiver is required if flying turbine-powered aircraft
  • AMA rules will apply
  • EDF’s are welcome!
  • Power available on the flight line
  • Fleet Farm kerosene eight miles from the field

There will be a pilot meeting at 9 am each day. Flight-line staff will be on hand from 9 am to 5 pm to manage traffic. All field operations will be guided by the flight-line staff to maintain safety. All aircraft must have landing gear so that they can enter and exit the field under their own power. (No hand-launched aircraft will be allowed during regular event hours)

Field Info

SMMAC offers a fun atmosphere for all pilots and their families. We offer a 1200 foot simulated asphalt runway situated on 12 acres of beautiful grass with an open field area that is free of obstructions. Camping is allowed but no hookups or facilities are provided. There are clean portable restrooms for your convenience. There is 120-volt ac / 12 volt DC power along the flight line for field operation use only, campers will not be allowed to hook up to AC power. The Field House can store larger aircraft overnight on a first-come basis. Aircraft that can easily be stowed in vehicles or trailers should not be placed in the field house. 


Larry Sorenson – ljsoarinson@yahoo.com

Michael Danielson – michael@flysafejets.com